Monday, June 2, 2014

Catch that phone thief!

Phone theft has become a really big problem lately.  Last year, 3.1 million Americans had their phones stolen, according to a Consumer Reports survey Here in DC our metro lines even has a voice message that constantly reminds you to be cognizant of your phone use while in the metro stations and on trains.  Today I heard about an app originally developed for iPhone that you can now get on your Android as well.  It is called iGotYa!
While iGotYa cannot keep your phone from getting stolen.  It may help you get it back.  Realistically 60% of stolen phones are never recovered.  but that leaves 30% that are.  With iGotya, if someone steals you phone, every time that someone try to unlock your device and enter a wrong code you will receive the thief's photo and location in your email immediately. You can also force your device to phone you if the thief tries to unlock it unsuccessfully for a few times.
Your phone will be safe and protected against thief thanks to iGotYa. You just need to enter your mail address and you will start receiving alerts in case your phone or tablet is being use without authorization.
iGotYa is the easy to configure, just activate it and type your mail and it's done. 

The mobile security firm Lookout also has something similar iGotYa.  they have anew tool for tracking down bad guys by providing a "theftie," a covert snapshot of someone trying to steal your phone.
Their app also alerts you to suspicious behaviors on your phone, like a screen password mistyped three times. With this one you also get an email containing your phone's location and a highly unflattering look at the person holding your phone—be they Samaritan or supervillain. 
Although these are made for catching a thief, think of the possibilities.  Do you want to know if your spouse or boyfriend is snooping in your phone...this might help.


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