Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Essential Security Resources

When it comes to cyber security it is essential that you often visit the available security resources to keep up with the latest security information.  While there are many sources of information I have found four that are a must for the security professional or just those interested in cyber security.

CERT (www.cert.org/). CERT stands for the Computer Emergency Response Team.  CERT, the first computer incident response team ever created, is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University. If you are interested in securing your computer network you should visit the CERT sight on a regular basis.  The CERT site has a wealth of information and documentation including security policies and guidelines, cutting edge research, security alerts and a whole lot more.

SANS institute (www.sans.org/) is my next favorite. The SANS site provides detailed documentation on almost any aspect of cyber security.  The SANS institute also offers some awesome classes on various security topics and is respected as one of the best sources of cyber security training and information.  In addition, SANS also sponsors many security research projects to further cyber security knowledge and publishes information about the projects on their website.

Microsoft Security Advisor (www.Microsoft.com/security/) is my third recommendation because just about every computer in the world runs on Microsoft products. This site is a portal to all Microsoft security information, tools, and updates and you should definitely visit it often.

F-Secure Corporation (www.f-secure.com/) is another great source of security information.  This site provides a great repository for detailed information on virus outbreaks.  The site provides notification and detailed information on specific viruses.  The information provided includes details on how the virus spreads, how to recognize the virus, and the specific tools you will need to clean your system should it become infected with the particular virus.

As stated, there are many resources for obtaining security information.  These are but four of my favorites.

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